Welcome to my world of exquisite pleasure and deep connection.

Discover what awaits inside

Hi! I’m Fenix, your kinky trans boyfriend, sacred companion, & fantasy facilitator.

I’m a fem trans guy (FtM/FtX), so even though I was declared female at birth, I’m not a woman. I am gender-blended: masculine and feminine, both and neither at the same time. My style leans toward an androgynous goth/punk type look, but I have a variety of outfits I can happily adorn myself with for you. Honestly, most people prefer me wearing nothing at all. I have many piercings and tattoos adorning my body, but you’ll have to meet me to find them all.

I’ve been on testosterone for over four years so my voluptuous, curvy body also has masculinized features, including facial and body hair, a sensitive self-designed chest and my t-enhanced original parts. I absolutely love sex and connecting with people. I’m attracted to people of all genders, ethnicities, bodies, and abilities, and love to explore and play. I strive to be truly genuine, kind, and caring in all my connections and have been told I am comforting and comfortable to be around. You can learn more about me here.

Together we can explore the sensuous, erotic nature of our bodies and discover how amazing we our bodies can feel.

I’m a vers-bottom; this means I really enjoy to be on the receiving end, but also can make good use of my fingers and my variety of toys to bring you to the heights of pleasure. I’m also a kinky switch; I enjoy submitting to the will of another for pleasure and pain, but I am also a sweet or sadistic dominant if that is what you prefer with a variety of toys to delight your senses. Basically, I love being adaptable and meeting the needs and desires of the person I’m with. I like to go slow, take my time, and encourage us both to savor every moment we are together.

Come play with me.

How deep do you want to go?