My purpose is pleasure.

Nothing brings me more satisfaction than bringing pleasure to others and experiencing pleasure myself. My sex drive has always been very high, and I was an early bloomer when it came to exploring sexuality. Because of this awareness of my purpose, this drive for sexual fulfillment, I have made sexuality, intimacy, and pleasure my life’s work in a few different ways.

I have two Bachelor of Science degrees and a Master’s degree, each with an emphasis of study in sexuality. Learning is one of my favorite things, and I spend a lot of my time reading and investigating the realms of sexuality, spirituality, psychology, neurobiology, embodiment, trauma, anatomy, and more. I tend to geek out madly on the neurobiology of love, relationships, and trauma.

I grew up in the forested wilderness of Alaska and have a deep love and appreciation for nature. This led me to practice nature-based spirituality and sacred sexuality. For the last thirteen years I have been a Priestex of Babalon, a Sacred Whore Goddess of Love and Lust who is related to the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, and for the last six I have been a Priestex of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Pleasure.

Sacred Intimacy is a calling for me and a great part of my spiritual path and life’s work. This means that I approach all sexual and erotic interactions as sacred, from the sweetest lovemaking to the raunchiest fucking. You don’t have to believe anything that I believe for us to have a wonderful time together, however.

I’m a certified bodyworker and experienced professional with more than three years of providing erotic companionship and ten years in the industry.

I have also worked providing cam shows, phone sex work, written erotica, sex toy reviewing, and sex blogging. Because of my desire for sex and focus on pleasure, I have always loved working within adult entertainment.

I began exploring BDSM and Kink when I was quite young as well. First through erotica and online experiences, then once I was the legal age of consent I began exploring it in the flesh. I have always gravitated toward those older than me, as my tastes have always exceeded my age. I began my explorations as a Submissive, and stayed that way for a few years before letting my Dominant out to play. This is a traditional way to explore BDSM, as in Leather Houses it is required to experience Submission so you know how to Dominate well.

I am a 32 year old white fem trans guy (ftm). I stand tall at five feet and ten inches with a voluptuous fat body with many piercings and tattoos.

Truly gender-blended, I have masculinized features, facial and body hair, and no surgeries so I still have a large chest and my testosterone-enhanced original plumbing.

I started testosterone nearly four years ago, though I have known myself to be trans for over a decade. I can present in our session with a binder on so my chest is flat or with my chest free, depending on your desires.

A note about language

I generally won’t be upset no matter what language you use for me, but I might correct you. If you use words I don’t enjoy, it won’t be a deal-breaker, but it would be a turn off.

Here are some instructions around language:

I don’t have breasts. I have a chest.

The genitals I have are a cock (instead of clit) and cunt or front hole (instead of pussy, vagina, vulva, etc.). I request that you use that language as well. I have yet to find a word I dislike for my backdoor/asshole/rosebud/etc.

My pronouns are: he/him or they/them.

If we’re in a scene together and you want to refer to me: Sir is always appropriate if I’m in charge; boy, toy, or pet if you’re in charge.