Get (in) Touch

When Scheduling an Appointment
  • Please avoid any explicit language via text, email, or private message. I am a companion. I do not sell sex. Any insinuation or outright suggestion that I do will result in my blocking you.
  • I prefer at least 24 hours advance notice before booking an appointment, although I can often accommodate requests with less lead time. It never hurts to ask, particularly if we’ve met before, and the rewards are well worth it.
  • Do not attempt to negotiate my posted rates. The value I place on my time and energy is not open to discussion.
  • Please send me the following information in your first message:
    • Your name and age
    • Your phone number
    • When you’d like to see me. Send me a few options for when you’re available to meet, as well as the length of your desired appointment. It’s much easier for me to work with a few requested times and see if your availability matches mine than for us to email back and forth.
    • A little bit about yourself. Who are you? What are your interests? What would you like me to know about you?
    • If you have any board handles, feel free to share those as well.


Monday – Friday

Some late night appointments, or times outside this time-frame may be available.

Phone (text only):

(206) 557-8238