I will always happily accept any gifts you may like to bring to me, though certainly none are required.

If you desire to bring me gifts or have one sent to me, here are some items I would love.

  • Tips are my favorite form of gift or extra, really.
  • Anything from my Amazon Wishlist. (If you send me something sexy, you have the opportunity of being the first person to use it with me/see me in it.)
  • Hard Cider of any variety, especially Schilling brand or unusual flavors/varieties.
  • Gift cards to Babeland, Doghouse Leathers, REI, Nordstrom, Amazon, Torrid, or Sephora.
  • Sliquid brand lube of any variety.
  • Boxer Briefs from BearSkn, any color(s), size 2XL.
  • Salted Caramel anything.