We will spend our time together exploring our desires, however that might arise between us. I do not guarantee any particular experiences or activities, though I do love providing my specialties. You can certainly ask for what you desire, but what we do will be based upon how our bodies want to be together.

I excel at fulfilling fantasies and would love to fulfill your desires, whatever they may be. The following are some of my specialties that can be explored, from the tame to the darkest depths, mild to wild(e). At the beginning of our time together we will have the opportunity to discuss and negotiate what we desire.

Full Body Sensual Massage

I’m a trained and certified bodyworker with over four years of professional experience. I will listen to your body as well as check in with you about what would be the most pleasurable for you. You can relax fully and completely, letting my strong, skilled hands work your body to complete release.

Sensual Domination add-on

Interested in a little something extra along with your full body massage? Offering delicious sensual touch with a kinky edge. With a variety of toys and skills at my disposal, I’m here to fulfill your desires. Or you can relax and let me play with your body, delighting it with a variety of impact play and sensation play that can be as gentle or intense as you can handle.

Erotic Education/Coaching add-on

I have extensive knowledge and training in sexuality, intimacy, pleasure, embodiment, and eroticism. I regularly facilitate individuals, couples, and groups in sessions and exercises focused on exploration and education.

Some topics we can explore include:
• Sacred sexuality and erotic alchemy
• How to expand your erotic potential
• Polyamory; opening your relationship
• Finding a lover
• How to get the touch you want
• How to give better touch
• Other topics of your interest


As an attentive and accommodating boyfriend, I would love to have you come over for a lovely date and a passionate night. This can include some light kink, role play, or spare parts play if you would like, or can be the two of us deeply exploring each other’s pleasure. All the pleasure of a boyfriend with an extra special bonus. Won’t you love playing with your bonus hole boyfriend?

Spare Parts Play

The first adult products I ever bought were a strap on harness and dildo, specifically Vixen Creations’ Leo. I have always loved wielding a detachable cock, in addition to the small cock/clit I have attached to me. It is one of my favorite activities and I love bringing pleasure in this way to others.

I now have a large variety of cocks in a variety of shapes, sizes, and feels to please those looking to experience the exquisite delight of this sort of play. I know how to warm up even the most shy of backdoors and love introducing people to the pleasures that this type of exploration can bring.


Must be agreed to in advance.

This is one of my favorite offerings, to be honest, as many of the typical PSE experiences are what I enjoy the most, both personally and professionally. I have limits that we will discuss before we begin, but there are very few restrictions. Safe play only. Some of the things that could be on the table include BBBJ, CIM, COF, DT, Gagging, Greek, and more.


Must be agreed to in advance.

What dark delights are you searching for? Dominant or submissive, top or bottom, rough or tender, strict or sensual, I can do it all.

I have over thirteen years of experience with BDSM and kink. In my personal life I am a switch: both Submissive and Dominant, Sadistic and Masochistic. I absolutely love exploring the depths of darkness that two consenting adults can engage in.

Some of my favorite kink activities include:
• Impact Play – I am well trained and equipped to engage in Spanking, Paddling, Flogging, Caning, and Whipping
• Strap-On or Prostate Play – gentle to intense
• Cock Worship – yours or mine
• Role Play
• Dirty Talk
• Tease & Denial
• Humiliation
• Nipple Play
• Face Slapping
• Spitting
• Gagging
• Bondage
• Enema Play
• Play Piercing/Needle Play
…and more. I’m open to all sorts of fantasies, activities, and pleasures. Underlying any activity we may engage in will be consent, first and foremost, and respect. We will play with a safeword and limits that we both agree upon.

As a Dominant, after learning your limits and interests, I can craft a scene of sweet surrender, intense pleasure, or an ordeal of pain. I know how to take control and not let up until we are both well satisfied. You would call me Sir.

As a Submissive, I can be eager and servile or willful and bratty. I have a high pain tolerance and love being treated roughly, as well as treated like a precious treasure.